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What do you do at Reconstructed by Sam?


ONE ON ONE- is a private session for individuals that has a specific goal, and want the one on one attention from the trainer.


H.I.I.T- High intensity interval training- why do this? It’s the best fat loss training method. If you are working out for a short period of time none stop, it will get the heart rate up. Once the heart rate goes up your body goes it fat burning mode. The best part about H.I.I.T. is that you don’t need a lot of time to do it.

Increase your metabolism, build muscle while burning fat, increase calories burned after workout.


GROUP- This classes consist of anywhere from 10+ clients. The purpose for the group session is for you to know, you are not alone in your weight loss journey. Some people do well one on one others do better in groups. Knowing that there is another FitSam client motivated to accomplish a weight goal. Whether you are toning, defining or just staying in shape, here at Reconstructed by Sam we get the job done.

How long are the sessions?

Our training session may vary, it all depends on what you want.


H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) -  35 minutes.


Group and One on one- 50 minutes 


For the first 5 minutes we stretch to get our mind and body right. Then we start our intensive work out for 30-35 minutes, this allows the heart rate to go up, which then gets your body in the fat burning stage.


Once we are done with the workouts usually non-stop (unless a 1-minute water break).

We would then stretch and cool down the last 5-10 minutes.


Meal Plan Recommendations- Whatever your goals are, we have recommendation that will fit you from our nutritionist.